Signature Muskoka Wedding Design

Trying to Get Started with a Muskoka Wedding?

Are you looking for a Muskoka Wedding planner? Planning a Muskoka Wedding can be a daunting task.  Often, our clients are not located in the area, do not have regular access to the venue, and are unsure about the service providers in these areas.   Will those vendors be able to execute a wedding to the exacting standards the couple is wanting?  Is there availability of all the great floral/décor elements that far away?  If you choose the Signature Muskoka Wedding Design experience, you won’t have to worry about those things.

Being uniquely and strategically positioned in the middle of the Highway 400 corridor, we can easily access all the amenities of our city suppliers, and quickly travel to the stunning Muskoka locales.  This also means you can visit us on your way up to your venue, on your way home, or we are close enough to meet you in the city or at your venue.

Muskoka Wedding
Bride and Groom in Muskoka.  Image captured by Sage & Sea.

Our Signature Muskoka Wedding Design Method Can Help You

One of our favorite offerings is our Signature Muskoka Wedding service.  This service is a flexible design option that allows for rustic or refined, classic or glamourous styles.  Or, my favorite – an intoxicating mix of the organic elements juxtaposed against the allure of the glittering finishes!

Just as in our Signature Wedding Design service, we follow the same method to create your Muskoka design palette.   We take the same care and consideration of your goals and vision to craft a perfect display you will be thrilled to present to your guests.

One of the significant concerns for clients planning a Muskoka wedding is the logistics.  There are large quantities of flowers, linens, candles, décor, chairs, and much more, that need to get to your venue.  Fortunately, we have the experience to make this happen.  It’s not magic – it’s good, detailed planning and reliable vendor partners that can be counted on to deliver as promised.

Choosing our Signature Muskoka Wedding Design service allows you the confidence to know all the details are being expertly taken care of and beautifully produced.  You will experience a flawless, stress-free wedding day that you will recall with genuine joy.

Our 15+ years of floral and wedding experience in the Simcoe-Muskoka area imparts a consummate knowledge of the venues, contacts, and style associated with this area.  This means you don’t need to become an expert on Muskoka weddings – you have the OPULENCE team for that!

Muskoka Wedding
Gorgeous Bride, Kelsey at Deerhurst. Image by Paul & Sylvia

Ready to Get Started?

If you want to experience the Signature Muskoka Wedding Design service, do not hesitate to contact us now to start the conversation.  We are as excited about your wedding as you are!