City Bridal Trends You Can Take To Muskoka

City Bridal Trends You Can Take To Muskoka

You can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl! If you’re dreaming of a Muskoka wedding but you’re normally city chic, you don’t have to give up your big light dreams for the country life – have both!

Here are our favourite city bridal trends that add the wow-factor to a cottage country celebration:

1. Couture Bridal Fashion
Don’t give up your designer dreams for the cottage life. Dreaming of Valencienne, Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuiller, or Oscar? Why not? Paint your dream day on the canvas of your choosing in a dress that’ll have jaws agape.

2. Awe Inspiring Locales
Right, so it’s not the Four Seasons ballroom but you can literally make anything a reality with a budget, creativity and the right team. Let us transform a cottage into your villa discovera or a tent into a ballroom inspired by the Four Seasons. Anything is possible with the right suppliers and budget!

3. Fine Dining Fancy
Always dreamed of a white-gloved French service dinner for your big day? Have it! A fantastic caterer is able to follow your lead and create a magical fine dining love affair your guests will always remember.

4. Luxury Rentals
Fine linen tableclothes, mixed metallic cutlery, high end lighting, bright blue chivaris – whatever you dream of, bring it to cottage country. Don’t sacrifice your personal style for location. Many items exist in the region and what doesn’t – can be brought in just for you!

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Whatever your city style – simply transport it to Muskoka – for a wedding that’s part city meets country and all the best bits in between.