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Wedding Planning – Signature Wedding Day Management

OPULENCE Wedding Day Management (4 – 6 weeks before wedding)

Our Signature Wedding Day Management Package is available for clients of OPULENCE Wedding Design, to work in conjunction with our design services.  We have two WPIC Certified Wedding Planners on staff to assist you during the hectic last weeks before your wedding, one of whom will be your dedicated Planner.  Working with OPULENCE, you already have access to so much of the information you might need in your wedding planning process – vendor recommendations, floor plan designs, rental options, and so many other details that come up during the wedding planning process.


Wedding Planning
Our Beautiful Bride, Kaitlyn and Groom Kyle, at Blue Mountain. Photo by Vaughn Barry.

While the actual “Day-of” Management is a very important part of the package, a lot of the work actually happens in the month leading up to your wedding date. Your Planner will

  • contact all your vendors
  • confirm their timelines and responsibilities
  • check into any outstanding details
  • advise you of any potential issues that may have been overlooked

We will be there for your rehearsal, to assist the Officiant, or even run the rehearsal if your Officiant is not scheduled to attend.

As well, we will create a detailed time line of your wedding day, starting at the beginning of the day, and covering all aspects right through to the end of the night. The service also includes having 2 coordinators on site the day of the wedding to keep everything on schedule, and to be a key point of contact for any questions or concerns vendors/guests/bridal party/family might have.

Your Wedding Planner will guide you through the day, making sure you and all your key people are where they need to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing, and when they are supposed to be doing it.

Wedding planning
Our Bride and Her Maids at Blue Mountain. Photo by Vaughn Barry

If you want/need more input with the process, i.e. contract reviews, having your planner attend meetings with you, source out some of your more troublesome items/services, etc., we have an “Over and Above” package available that can be added on.  This is available in blocks of 5 hours, to be used as you require.

Contact us today to find out more about our Signature Wedding Planning Service, or tell us more about your upcoming wedding.


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