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Wedding Design

Introducing our new Signature Wedding Design Method

We have created this Wedding Design method for clients just like you!  Read on to find out more.

Wedding Design
An opulent table setting fit for your wedding. Image by Avenue Photo

Is This What You are Experiencing?

Confused, overwhelmed and possibly, even intimidated.

Most clients start the planning with a sense of overwhelm – so many choices and so much importance attached to each choice.  This can be an intimidating process, partly because of cost, but also because choices in flowers and décor are so abundant.  How can they trust themselves to pick the most beautiful choice available?  What if there was something different that they never even knew to consider?  The confusion causes great stalls in the process, and instead of being a joyful experience, it can leave one filled with dread.

Our Signature Wedding Design Method Can Help You

With over 15 years of floral and wedding experience, you can trust we know what we are doing.

We often end up working with brides who have the same inherent sense of beauty as we do, and find that our design esthetic aligns with their vision perfectly.  And while we love to make incredibly beautiful weddings that are pleasing to our senses, this does not mean we over-run our clients’ desires.  A key component in our Design Method includes integrating clients’ wishes.  We will discover your vision and goals, and following our process, will design the ultimate wedding experience for you and your guests.

Once we have composed your wedding design, you can embrace the confidence of knowing all the facets of your florals and décor have been artistically curated and painstakingly produced to reveal a sublime setting for your guests.  You will experience a flawless, stress-free wedding day that you will recall with genuine joy.

Want to Get Started on Your Wedding Design?

First step – call us!  Or email or text, whichever way you like.  Let’s set up a meeting to talk about your wedding.  Our Signature Wedding Design Method includes just some of the steps shown here:

  • We will meet with a client, ask a few simple, but key questions to determine the design direction, review some inspiration items – pictures, fabric swatches, décor items. This will help us determine the clients’ vision, even if the client is unable to express it.
  • Our team will consider your plans/venue/choices/season/etc., taking all the factors into consideration that are needed to create a detailed, Signature Wedding event
  • We will develop some design options, and then refine those options
  • Our next meeting will allow the client to see most of the vision come to life on a real table setting – fresh flowers, the actual linens, the accessories to be used
  • A last update, 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding, lets us confirm all the final details
  • Wedding day arrives and our clients know that everything we bring them is going to be perfect!

If this sounds like the service you have been hoping for, do not hesitate to contact us now to start the process.  We are just as excited about your wedding as you are!  Want to see more of our work, check out our Gallery.

Wedding Design
The First Dance  Photo by Reverie Studios

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