31 JanVintage Wedding Style Shoot

Working as part of The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, of which I am a proud, certified member, we contributed to a Vintage Wedding style shoot.  The  setting was at beautiful Miller Lash House in Scarborough.

We used a monochromatic palette of purples – from rich aubergine to medium purple to a soft lavender, which played off the warm antique tones of gold and various shades of ivory.  For a little added interest, we included some gold foliage and gold-leafed pears.  Then we added pearls to the bouquets and centrepieces, which reinforces the antique feel of the overall design concept.

For this Vintage Wedding Style Shoot, we created 2 custom bridal bouquets.  Our first design was a lush, phaleonopsis orchid and calla lily cascade, the second was hand-wired dendrobium orchid bouquet.  A cascade bouquet was all the rage in the Roaring 20’s.  Add in the calla lilies, and you could almost step back in time!  Truly a vintage wedding style!

The hand-wired bouquet is very old floral technique which involved removing every blossom from the orchid stem and wiring each onto it’s own wire stem, then arranging those wired stems into a bouquet.  We fashioned numerous “leaves” out of gold and purple wire, then wrapped with beaded wire to create the surface area.  The whole bouquet was “built” on small, purple wire balls to give a fullness below the airy orchid blooms.  Delicate looking yet incredibly long-lasting and sturdy!

We designed the Centerpieces with a mix of purple shades and flowers to create a visual interest within the repetition of the round shape.  Flower growers have recently engineered a beautiful family of purple carnations which add so much texture and impact in arrangements, that we just had to include them in the centerpieces!  Carnation are definitely Vintage Wedding Style!

The pictures were provided by Nikko Photography.   Lots more pictures on the website, Brown Sparrow Wedding

Purple Cascade Bouquet with Phaeleonopsis Orchids
Purple hydrangea and carnation centerpieces
Totally unique, hand-wired orchid bouquet
Totally unique, hand-wired orchid bouquet
Mantle arrangement purple flowers, gold pears, candles, hydrangea, candles
Mantle arrangement filled with hydrangeas, gilded pears, candles and pearls


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